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Exhibition 25th of November #Myself 17 Nov 2014


Dear all,

On November 25th, at Gallery Rica, the artist Flavia Vazzoler will hold the opening of the exhibition "MySelf",  curated by Ana Cristina Carvalho, Member of the Association of Art Critics.

Brazilian of Italian descent, Flavia is an artist who interprets and use a variety of materials, techniques, media and bright colors to produce her art works.

The exhibition "#MySelf" consists of 30 works of the artist, inspired by an exhibition at the National Museum in Stockholm on portraits, today better known as "selfies".

She emphasizes the expressions and behaviors of the portraits through the lights, colors and different material such as wood, fabric, glass and aluminum and as a consequence, she gives each picture, a new life and a new story to be discovered.

It would be an honor to have your presence in the event to mingle and appreciate a bit of the Brazilian art and its originality.


Very welcome


Flávia Vazzoler