1994/96: She started to study art at E.P.A. (Panamenricana School of Art) in São Paulo – Brazil. Basic Draw and Visual Arts.

1997: Flávia got into the university at FAAP (Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado) in Advertising and Publicity, in the same time starts a painting course at MuBE (Brazilian Museum of Sculpture) with Leda Catunda (Brazilian Contemporary Artist). And held her first exhibintion at Clube Paineiras do Morumbi – São Paulo – Brazil. Here is her first painting.


1998: She was invited to work as an assintent for Leda Catunda in her studio and the sculptor Sérgio Romagnolo. Two of the many projects that they had worked together.


1999: She started to work in Advertising Agency, Giacometti&Farcas; as a market researcher.